Accessibility of the site

The structure and design of theè has been considered from the perspective of universal access for persons of all levels of ability. For a fully accessible experience, all of the Artist’s content is available for direct navigation through

The interactive exhibition may pose some challenges for individuals with an auditory disability, and not all images submitted by the Artists included content descriptions beyond their captions. Due to the large volume of content provided, we have been unable to provide transcripts and descriptions of some audiovisual content.


Accessibility Features

  • ARIA Landmarks: we have made use of custom ARIA landmarks to provide a quick way for assistive technology users to skip directly to: navigation, content and ancillary controls (such as audio controls). If your AT software supports ARIA landmarks, use these to speed up your navigation of the site.
  • Enhanced keyboard controls in main navigation menus: in addition to the standard Tab and SHIFT+Tab to move sequentially between menu items, you can skip to the next top-level menu item with the RIGHT ARROW key on your keyboard, and back to the previous top-level menu item with the LEFT ARROW key. This is only enabled for the top navigation menu.
  • Audio controls: some pages feature background audio or narration. We have provided start/stop controls high in the tab order to allow you to pause/stop or rewind the audio. If your web browser supports cookies, we remember the state of audio playback. This means that if you pause audio on one page, that audio will remain paused on any other pages that feature audio until you press the “play” button.
  • Panel Navigation: to quickly skip to the next panel of content when viewing the Artists’ Works, skip to the “Panel Next and Previous Navigation” ARIA-region and activate the second link.


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LandMarks2017/Repères2017 is committed to creating an accessible experience at our events and online, and giving people with disabilities the information and resources necessary to plan their experience.

To provide feedback on how we’re doing or to ask any questions about accessibility at our events please use this formal feedback mechanism. We will respond to inquiries within 24 hours of receipt.

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