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Maureen Gruben was born in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories. She studied at Kelowna Okanagan College of Fine Arts, the Enʼowkin Centre in Penticton, and the University of Victoria.

Gruben was recognized by Kelownaʼs En’owkin Centre with both the Eliza Jane Maracle Award (1998/99) and the Overall Achievement Award (1999/2000), and went on to receive the Elizabeth Valentine Prangnell Scholarship from the University of Victoria in 2011. Her most recent exhibitions are Custom Made at Kamloops Art Gallery (2015) and the group show Blink at the University of Victoria (2012).

Previous Works By Maureen Gruben

Message  |  2015  |  180” X 24”  |  Polar bear guard hair, cotton thread, black interface

Memory Bones  |  2016  |  4” x 90 pieces (30 per colour)  |  Plastic tubing, beads, moosehide

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