Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada (QC)

Developed through dialogue and collaboration between the curatorial team and the teaching faculty from 16 participating universities and colleges across Canada, the LandMarks national curriculum promises to deliver an unparalleled educational experience and a lasting cultural legacy.

By bringing the curators and artists into conversation with undergraduate and graduate students, the LandMarks courses aim to generate new forms of representation and experiential learning, as well as multidisciplinary works of art that will showcase the diverse talent of Canada’s emerging artists. Drawing on Indigenous epistemologies and readings that acknowledge and illuminate the ideas of land, identity, nationhood, and concepts of nature, LandMarks curriculum will reimagine the site-specific and transformative role of art seen as a catalyst for cross-cultural dialogue and inclusive citizenship in the context of 150 years of confederation.

Emily Carr University logo

Emily Carr University of Art and Design (BC)
Social Practice and Community Engagement: Landmarks

Faculty: Justin Langlois

SFU SCA logo

Simon Fraser University (BC)
Methods and Concepts: Selected Topics: Laboratory Landscape I and Laboratory Landscape II

Faculty: Sabine Bitter

MacEwan University Logo

Grant MacEwan University (AB)
Drawing IV

Faculty: Leslie Sharpee

University of Lethbridge logo

University of Lethbridge (AB)
Spatial Storytelling: Land, Art, Place and Community

Faculty: Jackson Leween

University of Regina logo

University of Regina (SK)
Marking the Land: Nature + Site + Histories and Global Explorations: A Wild Studio: Excursions in Art, Sound + Performance

Faculty: Megan Smith

University of Manitoba logo

University of Manitoba (MB)
Place and Placelessness: Site-Specific Art in a Land Much Older Than 150 Years

Faculty: Sara Ciurysek

University of Waterloo Faculty of Arts logo

University of Waterloo (ON) LandMarks2017: Unsettling Canada

Faculty: Bojana Videkanic

University of Guelph

University of Guelph (ON) #land_art_nation: Special Topics in Sculpture: Experiential Learning

Faculty: Dai Skuse, Kim Kozzi

Sheridan logo

Sheridan College (ON)
LandMarks2017 (Advanced Project)

Faculty: Arnold Koroshegyi

OCAD University logo

OCAD University (ON)
LandMarks: Art + Places

Faculty: Min Sook Lee, Laura Millard

Queens University Logo

Queen’s University (ON)
“Park Life”: Interventions in Public Space

Faculty: Dylan Robinson

Concordia Logo

Concordia University (QC)
Making a Mark: Place and Site-Responsive Art Practices

Faculty: Shauna Janssen

McGill logo

Schulich School of Music, McGill University (QC)

Faculty: Lisa Lorenzino

Université du Québec à Montréal

Université du Québec à Montréal (QC)
Performing the Collective

Faculty: Sophie Castonguay

Mount Allison University logo

Mount Allison University (NB)
Special Topics: Studies in Site and Space

Faculty: Karen Stentaford

NSCAD University logo

NSCAD University (NS)
Advanced Sculpture Workshop Art + Places + Perspectives

Faculty: Kim Morgan, Steve Higgins

Lead Advisor, Curriculum, and Curatorial Engagement

Dr. Vladimir Spicanovic is an artist-educator and Dean of the Faculty of Art at OCAD University.

Spicanovic has extensive experience in studio teaching and the education of artists and he has been instrumental in initiating the conversation about LandMarks2017/Repères2017 national curriculum and the ongoing collaboration among participating educational institutions. He is also the Chair of the Canadian Association of Fine Art Deans (CAFAD).

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