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LandMarks2017/Repères2017 invited people to creatively explore and deepen their connection to the land through a series of contemporary art projects in and around Canada’s National Parks and Historic Sites from June 10-25, 2017.

Curatorial Prologue

Landmarks are meeting places. They can be features of the landscape—a tree, a mountain, a waterway, a boulder—or part of the built environment. The land is marked by time, by the elements, by the habits of animals and peoples. Landmarks define boundaries and echo multiple histories, stories and beliefs. They give shape to our collective memories. A landmark is a turning point for change and a legacy for future generations. Landmarks help us find our way. To mark is to act.

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Curatorial Epilogue

What does it mean for a team of contemporary art curators to work on a collaborative national art project created to inspire conversations about the people, places, and perspectives that have shaped 150 years of the colonial project of Canada? First, let us explain what this project is not, in order to help you understand what it is.

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Meet the artists

The projects in LandMarks 2017/Repères 2017 function like trail markers on a journey across the land. They focus on multiple experiences and stories to revisit the ways we understand our histories and envision our futures. Together, they enrich our knowledge of different places by inviting us to question their use and significance — symbolically, socially and environmentally.

The artists involved in LandMarks 2017/Repères 2017 activate different aspects and interpretations of the word landmark.

The Parks

Canada’s national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas are national treasures. These locations represent the very best that Canada has to offer. They tell stories of the land from the dawn of time and reveal diverse histories, cultures and Indigenous Peoples. Artists have worked in, and been inspired by, these places since their earliest days. From remote to rural to urban, they showcase the vast array of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage. LandMarks2017 projects will be hosted in Parks Canada places in all parts of Canada. Visitors will experience new ways to explore their relationship to nature and each other, connecting to diverse human communities and the essence of the land.