Special Thanks

There are too many people to acknowledge individually for making my work on this LandMarks2017 project possible. I hope those not named, but involved at various levels, understand that I very much appreciate their efforts and labour.

My grandparents and parents have always taught me that everything and everyone is interconnected.
Each part is integral to the whole.

For their sustaining love and enduring belief in my practice, my gratitude goes out to my extended family and circle of friends and colleagues. My parents, Chung Soon Yoon and Myung Choong Yoon braved the cold during the production of the video as did my children, Hanum Yoon-Henderson and Kihan Yoon-Henderson.

Thus my strong and heartfelt thanks goes out to all but I mention the following people who have been most directly involved in this project:

Kathleen Ritter (Curator)
Members of Partners In Art
Sara Malabar and team (Managing Director, Studio of Received Ideas)
TK Gesner (Production Manager, Studio of Received Ideas)
Tleeh-is-a-tuuk-aq-suup /Karen Haugen (Superintendent Pacific Rim National Park Reserve)
Crystal Bolduc (Promotion Officer, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve)
Jin-Sun Yoon (Community Engagement Coordinator, Teaching Professor University of Victoria)

With gratitude to those who shared time, experience and knowledge:

Vi and Bob Mundy (Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ, Ucluelet First Nation Elders)
Jeneva Touchie (Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ, Ucluelet First Nation Member of Legislature)
Joe Martin (Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation Elder)
Terry Dorward (Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, Tribal Parks Coordinator)
Ellen Kimoto (Japanese-Canadian Activist)
John Bishop (Korean War Veterans Association of Canada)
Art Lefevre (Korean War Veterans Association of Canada)

With gratitude to those who brought their expertise, dedication and formidable talent:

Postcards: Rachel Topham (Photographer)
Judith Steedman (Steedman Design)

As noted on the video credits, the multitalented Ian Barbour (1stcamera, sound and editing)

Rachel Topham (2nd camera)
Jae Woo Kang, Byeong Sung Lee, Rachael Stableford
Jeffrey Langille and Irina Lord (Project and Production Assistance)