P artners in Art (PIA) is a visionary and unique volunteer-based charitable organization that galvanizes financial support for transformative contemporary art projects, within Canada and for Canadians on the international stage.

PIA’s mission is to champion contemporary Canadian art and artists to provide thoughtful perspectives on our world.
Since its inception in 2002, PIA has cultivated alliances to develop vital and exciting projects that educate a broad range of the public and has contributed to the economic sustainability of cultural institutions. PIA has donated funds to over 25 arts organizations in support of 59 projects to date.

PIA’s goal is to work with partner organizations to create projects from the ground up, inspiring partners to ‘think big’ about potential projects and encouraging them to collaborate with other organizations.

In 2013, PIA was awarded the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art Award in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the arts.

For further information, please visit www.partnersinart.ca

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