For the Subsistences project, de Groot took part in the community life of different villages and became involved with school activities. Visual and narrative fragments of these shared moments are inserted in different ways into the Research section.

On April 22 and 23, 2017, de Groot and La Boîte Rouge vif organized a creative workshop in a spirit of exchange with the people from the different communities on the coast of the Mingan Archipelago. Attending the workshop were representatives from seven villages, each of whom was asked to bring an object and share a story. Through discussions about objects and accounts, participants had a chance to explore the emotional, symbolic, and relational aspects of various experiences in the territory, including traditions that are threatened or “almost extinct.” It also allowed connections to be made between individual narratives and certain ideas embodied in de Groot’s artistic process. Many of these ideas eventually became part of her baggage.

During de Groot’s bivouac-exhibition stopovers, planned between May 28 and June 17, 2017, conversations with the region’s residents about objects, photographs, and stories will continue.

Acknowledgement & Credits

Thank you to Cynthia Ishpatao and Audrey-Ann Ishpatao Malec, students in Marie-Ève Gagnon’s class at École Uauitshitun; Devon-Lee Rich, intern under the supervision of Mathieu Bourdon; Maïka Thomas-Brière, extracurricular activities leader, and her Grade 3 and 4 students; Léo Basile and Guylaine Michel, leaders of Innu cultural activities; Julie Basile, principal of École Teuiekan; Jacqueline Nolin, coordinator of community activities in Mamit Innuat; Suzanne Napish and Patricia Astamajo, visiting homemakers at Centre de santé d’Ekuanitshit; Chantal Harvey, of École Saint-François-Régis in Baie-Johan-Beetz; Causette Dupuis, of the Cercle des fermières in Havre-Saint-Pierre; and the members of the Cercle d’écriture Sous la plume in Lumina for their generosity and welcome.

Thanks also go to the participants in the Atelier créatif: Louise Dupont (Magpie/Île aux Perroquets), Charles Kavanagh (Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan), Devon-Lee Rich (Ekuanitshit), Lydia Mestokosho-Paradis (Ekuanitshit), Anastasia “Natah Nuna” Nolin (Ekuanitshit), Réjean Cormier (Havre-Saint-Pierre), Chantal Harvey (Baie-Johan-Beetz), Annick Latreille (Natashquan), Michel Paquette (Natashquan), Adèle “Maniaten” Bellefleur (Nutashkuan), Edouard Kaltush (Nutashkuan); the team of La Boîte Rouge vif: Olivier Bergeron-Martel (project manager and leader), Jean-François Vachon (leader), Maxime Girard (filmmaker), Marie-Christine Girard (coordinator), Claudia Néron (coordinator), and Judith Bourdages (graphic designer); Martin Côté, executive director of the Municipalité de Baie-Johan-Beetz; and Gisèle and Luc Tanguay, of the cultural committee; and the residents of Baie-Johan-Beetz who visited us on Sunday, April 23.