Sound provides context, it carries information. Sound is a huge emotional driver. With a quartet of sculptural objects, Rebecca Belmore asks the question: Do we take sound for granted?

Belmore’s sculptures for LandMarks 2017/Repères 2017 encourage visitors to actually pause and listen to the natural sounds of the land. The four sculptures, situated in Banff National Park (AB), Pukaskwa National Park (ON), Georgian Bay Islands National Park (ON), and Gros Morne National Park (NL), vary in shape, responding and conforming to each natural site. Each sculpture amplifies the living sounds that are particular to the location. Each sculpture, in its own way, encourages us to hear and consider the land and our relationship to the land. Whether it’s the Rocky Mountains of Banff with its ancient forests, running rivers and meadowland; Pukaskwa’s rugged Lake Superior shoreline and birdsong; Georgian Bay’s windswept archipelago; or Gros Morne’s sea stacks and unique geological history. Wave Sound provides us with the natural soundtrack we may have missed before, the one that was there all along.

Rebecca Belmore’s Wave Sound will be situated in Banff National Park, Pukaskwa National Park and Gros Morne National Park. The project will be exhibited for the duration of the season.