Making a Mark: Place and Site-Responsive Art Practices

Concordia University
Faculty: Shauna Janssen
CourseMaking a Mark: Place and Site Responsive Art Practice 

Making a Mark: Place and Site Responsive Art Practice was a group exhibition of installation and performance works created by 16 undergraduate Studio Art students at Concordia University. The project was led by Dr. Shauna Janssen, Assistant Professor in Theatre, Geography, Urban Planning and Environment. Installations took place on the site of the Lachine Canal National Historic Site, Montreal, on June 20, 2017.

One of our objectives with this course, and within the larger context of participating in the LandMarks2017/Repères2017 event, was to re-imagine the idea of “marking’”and what it means to make a mark. In what ways can we use site-responsive art ma(r)king as strategies for displacing, interrupting, and unsettling existing perceptions of place and their spatial histories?

Through workshops, readings, in-class critiques and site visits (among them the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve in Northern Quebec), we explored the different contexts and scales in which landmarks are manifest—locally and nationally—what they signify, and for whom. Materially, performatively, narratively, and spatially, each of our works critically responded to lesser-known, contested, interstitial, colonial, and overlooked social and spatial histories that have shaped the cultural landscapes upon which we work, create, and learn on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territory.

Student Artists: AndréAnn Cossette, Ben Compton, Bianca Su, Caroline Gamiette, Charline Lemieux, Christopher Johnstone, Emma Lee Iversen, Geneviève Grenier, Laurie Neale, Lea Schwartz, Mauricio Aristizábal, Mikaela Clark Gardner, Nathalie Dubois-Calero, Nick Walker, Paule Gilbert, Rythâ Kesselring

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Student Work

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Geneviève Grenier

Trudel's Forgotten Slaves

Christopher Johnstone

Weaving Memories

Ryth Kesselring / Tobias Moisey

Layered Lands

Bianca Su

Bridge (Le pont)

Nathalie Dubois Calero

Floating Island

Nathalie Dubois-Calero

Sensing Edges

Emma Lee Iversen / Philip Fortin / Aidan Thorne