Special Topics: Studies in Site and Space

Mount Allison University
Faculty: Karen Stentaford
Course: Studies in Site and Place

This studio-based course drew from local resources to enrich the curriculum on theoretical, technical, historical, spiritual, and cultural levels. Our goal was to provide students with an awareness of themselves and their place in their community and culture through study and production of the visual arts. Focus was placed on responding to the natural, local landscape through a variety of media. Projects had thematic parameters, challenging students to broaden their media and working processes, but also allowing for independence in choosing media, techniques, and methods. Students were offered an opportunity to work with local community members, artists and professionals to expand on their knowledge, research methods, and experiences. The course culminated in a two-day workshop in Fundy National Park and exhibitions in the Purdy Crawford Centre for the Art and Fundy National Park.

Our fine arts courses are instructed by practicing artists and art historians whose courses are designed to establish a strong foundation in all facets of the visual arts. Research and production in the visual arts is integral to the expression of cultural identities that can both reflect and challenge the values and norms of our pluralistic society.

Student Artists: Meagan Chapot, Hailey Dunphy, Evan Furness, Hailey Guzik, Kathryn Hallett, Sylvan Hamburger, Savannah Harris, Gabrielle Johnson, Lucy Koshan, Nelligan Letourneau, Brenna MacMillan, Jennifer McKelvay, Kevin Melanson, Logan Milne, Benjamine Morton, Florence Small

Artist Projects

Student Work

Students from Mount Allison University

Hard Times in the Mill

Evan Furness

Call to the Sea

Florence Small

Lingering Winter

Savannah Harris

Indicators of Tread

Hailey Guzik