Advanced Sculpture Workshop Art + Places + Perspectives

NSCAD University
Faculty: Kim Morgan, Steve Higgins
Course: NSCAD Advanced Sculpture Workshop – Landmarks: Art + Places + Perspectives

These complex and multi-disciplinary works were the students thoughtful interpretations of the National Landmarks2017/Repères2017 initiative. Through guest presentations, field trips, personal research, and creative assignments, students had the opportunity to explore their complex relationship with the local and national landscape from diverse perspectives and methodologies. Sites included Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, and an additional final exhibition at the Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD University.

Student Artists: Angie Arsenault, Lorraine Albert, Isabelle Foisy, Matt Harrison, Jack Hart, Edith Hicks, Alexandra Malakhova, Philip Nuttall, David O’Shea, Sheryne Tavender, Sarah Wilkins

Artist Projects

Student Work

Students from NSCAD University

Donair to remember

Sarah Wilkins

Centennial Relics

Matt Harrison

Queens Being Kings

David O'Shea


Isabelle Foisy

Embodied Site

Lorraine Albert

Steps Forward

Lorraine Albert

A Living Memorial

Jack Hart

Mark in the Park

Jack Hart