Special Topics: Landmarks: Art

OCAD University
Faculty: Min Sook Lee & Laura Millard
Course: LandMarks: Art + Places

LandMarks: Art + Places brought together curators, artists, and students to produce multidisciplinary site-specific works. Through readings, conversations with the artists and curators, site visits, and ongoing discussions, students engaged with diverse issues such as concepts of nature; colonial issues of nationhood; narratives of identity, community, and citizenship; ontologies of landscape; and public parks as sociocultural spaces of collective memory and expressions of power. This course framed a critical context that marked a multifaceted dialogue about land and the occasion of 150 years of Canada, pointing to futures and to much longer histories than 150 years of Confederation.

Student Artists: Kaiatanoron Bush, Tia Cavanagh, Yawen Guo, Natasha Hirt, Elizabeth Khan, Robin Love, Vishal Luthra, Abigail Permell, Debora Puricelli, Dimitra Roussakis, Cassandra Smyth

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