McGill University MUDP 475: LandMarks Special Project

McGill University – Schulich School of Music
Faculty: Lisa Lorenzino
Course: Special Project in Professional Development

The goals of the class were to highlight artistic innovation, diversity, inclusiveness, and the power of the arts as a catalyst for social and community engagement. The course included twice-weekly meetings as well as two weekend workshops with visual arts students from UQAM and Concordia universities. Readings and in-class presentations focused on the history of Canada’s national parks, the influence of the landscape upon Canadian visual arts and music production, current trends in arts production, Indigenous arts in Canada, post-colonialism and the national parks system, social inclusion and the arts, and the arts as a catalyst for change in contemporary Canadian society.

The primary format was the use of guest lecturers, including both visual and sound artists. On the visual arts side, students attended lectures by Véronique Leblanc and Doug Scholes. Guest lecturers in sound art included professors Brian Cherney and Eleanor Stubley, Zachary Scholes, Dominic Caterina, Jason Davis, and Christian Carrière.

Student projects were displayed on the Parks Canada Lachine Canal site in June and involved multimedia (photographs, videos) and original compositions inspired by nature and/or the visual arts. Two students travelled to La Minganie in May to work on additional projects.

Student Artists: Emma Bazinet, Jason Davis, Jeffrey Fong, Johnny Lucas, Tobias Moisey, Hannah Moore, Gabrielle Pelletier, Olivier Salazar, Jennifer Szeto, Clara Troje

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Students from Schulich School of Music