Topics: Laboratory Landscape I and Laboratory Landscape II

Simon Fraser University
Faculty: Sabine Bitter
Course: Laboratory Landscape

Laboratory Landscape introduced and developed key concepts of landscape as a constructed and cultured environment, concentrating on how landscape is conceptualized, experienced, visualized, and represented. The course explored and analysed the theoretical and conceptual background of art practices engaged with contemporary environmental issues, colonialism, representations of nature, and spatial concepts, including notions of public and social space.

The course was imagined and organized as a research-based laboratory toward the realization of artistic projects, accompanied by small individual and collaborative assignments. One assignment asked each student to identify a colonial site within the everyday. Colonialism is understood as a presence in our daily lives and not as somewhere in history. This project became a participatory work where the audience could register a site on a map in a book.

The course resulted in a public art project in Stanley Park, which provided a rich context for site-specific work that considers its Indigenous and colonial histories and present, its social function as an urban park, as well as its ecological context. Students’ learning experience included the negotiation of logistics, Indigenous protocols and civic frameworks, which are part of the realization of a public art work within a professional context.

Student Artists: Oscar Alfonso, Trevor Bonas, Roxanne Charles, Joni Cheung, Jessica Chu, Fabio Miranda, Krystle Coughlin, Josephine Dawson-Whisker, Stephanie Gagne, Michelle Gougani, Elly Habibullah, Carli Howden, Phoebe Huang, Carolina Krawczyk, Andi Icaza, Lori Lai, Byeong Sung Lee, Jacky Lo, Emily Marston, Taylor McGibbon, Rachelle Tjahyana, Sophie Vandenbiggelaar, June Yeo, Nico Yu

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