Performing the Collective

Faculty: Sophie Castonguay
Course: Performing the Collective

The goal of this workshop/seminar was to stimulate reflection on the creative act involved in a performance-collective approach. The exercise consisted of “reflecting on the regimes of truth in historical discourses” (Rancière), using facts from history, to propose poetic conceptions of knowledge that open out to new representations of the political contract. The collective-creation (Jacques Lessard) approach, in that context, presumes a posture of citizen-artist using historical facts as materials in order to explore and revitalize how we look at history, collective identity, and the “social body” (Le Breton). During the course, work with subjectivization brought into play the immediacy of history’s collective fissures in an exacerbated biopolitical environment (Agamben). The issue of the artist’s social and political engagement was raised in resonance with micropolitics (Guattari), with a concern for poetic justice that would make it possible to achieve an experience of the other (Nussbaum) through a direct relationship with the artwork and the real (Ardenne). The collective work was experienced via the presence and practices of artists Raphaëlle de Groot and Douglas Scholes.

Student Artists: Lisa Bouraly, Geneviève Cadieux-Langlois, Geneviève Collin-Gascon, Marly Fontaine, Karine Fournier, Alain Lefort, Véronique Lépine, Charles Marsolais-Ricard, Moïse Piuze, Charline P. William

Artist Projects

Student Work

Students from UQAM

Les deux solitudes

Alain Lefort

Hymne aux olympiques

Charles Marsolais-Ricard

L'acte de dominer

Charline P. William


Geneviève Collin-Gascon

Exercice 2 : Faire corps

Geneviève Cadieux-Langlois

Bornes fantômes Gallery

Karine Fournier / Geneviève Cadieux-Langlois

Une vie volée

Marly Fontaine

Point de repère

Moïse Piuze

Propaganda War 2

Moïse Piuze

Je me souviens

Véronique Lépine

Beaux moments sur la langue

Véronique Lépine

Performer la lecture de "Notre Histoire//Our History"

Student from Performing the Collective Class