Histories and Global Explorations: A Wild Studio: Excursions in Art, Sound + Performance

University of Regina
Faculty: Megan L. Smith
Course: Marking the Land

In this hybrid course, students were introduced to concepts and methods focused on understanding, contextualizing, and responding to the human and animal act of creating and imagining landmarks. The students critically engaged with the topics of histories and memories associated with Grasslands National Park, Riding Mountain National Park, and Wapusk National Park. They learned about the co-existence of flora and fauna across the Grasslands region of North America and Northern Canada. An important theme was time and its effect on natural ecosystems, geological land formation, and the Anthropocene, which together shaped and continue to form and move the land. We travelled to Grasslands National Park to listen to the land, to learn about the park first-hand, and to build a body of work that responded to this complex territory. We worked with curator Natalia Lebedinskaia and Anishinaabe artist Michael Belmore to engage with the process of producing the LandMarks2017 Coalescence installation. The Grasslands National Park interpreters; art historian Dr. Carmen Robertson; biologist and environmentalist Shirley Bartz; and our partners at Brandon University, cellist Dr. Leanne Zacharias and artist Peter Morin, worked with us to form a better understanding of the animal act of marking the land.

Student Artists: Jazmine Bass, Joviel Buenavente, Maggie Dixon, Erika Einarson, Alyssa English, Zihua He, Jiawen Li, Margaret Orr, Dianne Ouellette, Steve Quilang, Sandra Staples-Jetko

Artist Projects

Student Work

Student from University of Regina

Grasslands: West Block

Maggie Dixon

Grasslands Jam, Marking the Land

Sandra Staples-Jetko


Dianne Ouellette

Wapusk and Berries

Margaret Orr