LandMarks2017: Unsettling Canada

University of Waterloo
Faculty: Bojana Videkanic
Course: LandMarks2017: Unsettling Canada

Our course took place in winter 2017 in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo, finishing with an intense five-day workshop in a forest near Bancroft, Ontario. Then, from June 10 to 15, all the students had a chance to exhibit their work as part of the LandMarks2017 and (Un)settled site-specific curated exhibition at Guild Park in Scarborough. This was a hybrid, multidisciplinary course based in studio practice that also integrated elements of visual culture, art theory, Indigenous history/theory, and environmental studies. Using various methodologies—socially engaged art practices, site-specific art, performance, new media, and installation—students produced a body of work that responded to the questions of Canadian identity, Indigenous knowledge, and environmental degradation raised by the LandMarks project. Consequently, we addressed various aspects of Canada 150, questioning and problematizing its postulates and its settler-colonial visions. We also considered proposals for the future that would transform such one-sided representations and ultimately change the nature of our relationship to the land currently called Canada.

Student Artists: Yasmeen Nematt Alla, Neda Moshg, Karen Ly, Nadine Simec, Sepideh Dashti, Mikayla Barney, Emily Traichel, Tait Wilman, Kara Van Muyen

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