Wanderer: (re)Marking

Banff National Park (AB)

Wanderer: (re)Marking will provide witness to the Lachine Canal National Historic Site in Montréal as an entity experienced through the artist’s persona of the Wanderer.

As this character, Douglas Scholes will perform site walks and in-situ acts of maintenance along the Canal in response to the environment: its histories and present realities as well as imaginative invocations of a future Canal. Beehives will be installed to promote the production of honey and wax, and beeswax sculptures will mark the Wanderer’s responsive acts, conjuring notions inherent in the Canal of habitat, workers and work. These notions will also be marked through responsive videos and photographs. In keeping with the Canal’s collaborative nature, Scholes has invited other artists to contribute music and sound pieces, a fictional narrative about the future Canal and an historic exploration into artistic activities on, in and around the Canal.


Atobop is a Montreal based trio producing music for films and tv as well as engaging in pop music and creating conceptual/experimental combined sounds.


Daniel Canty is a writer, etc. He grew up in Lachine, near the Canal’s oldest mouth. His latest books are L’été opalescent, a speculative novel published as an art book, and Mappemonde, an autofictive essay where he dwells on the suburban origins of universal literature.

Christian Carrière

Christian Carrière is a Montreal-based sound artist, composer and musician, whose work touches on soundscapes, field recordings, experimental music and sound art.

Les Best Boys

Les Best Boys are Montreal based emerging filmmakers working creatively with lighting and as director of photography for the film, tv and commercial moving picture projects.

Felicity Tayler

Felicity Tayler, is an artist concerned with news media as the material substrate of social imaginaries.

Douglas Scholes

Project Artist:
Douglas Scholes

Project Curated by:
Véronique Leblanc

Belmore project photo

Film shooting Wanderer: (re)Marking, summer walk  |  September 2016  |  Photo: Paul Litherland

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